Keep your trucks and trailers on the road

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Software made easy so you can focus on getting the job done

Techs keep repairs updated in real time and managers can see what’s coming in, what’s being worked on, and when the work is complete. But easy to use doesn’t mean we’ve skimped on features; from a Driver Defect Portal to integrated inspection reports, FleetSquared is the only software you need to manage your fleet maintenance.

Streamline your shop operations and minimize equipment downtime with FleetSquared. Accessible from an iPad or anywhere with a browser, service managers, technicians and drivers will all be able to get to what they need with just a few clicks, using a clean and clutter-free interface.

Our operations span the globe including clients and partners throughout North America, UK, Europe, Australia, and Asia. We have offices in Canada, the United States, UK, Europe and Asia.

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